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Cinnetic Blue Win DS 7000 HSG

Cinnetic Blue Win DS 7000 HSG

BLUE WIN DS SURF 7000 HSGDeveloped with a modern look after the known EXPLORER reel, is the entry reel to CINNETIC quality.


- Long run (35mm) CRBK alloy spool.
- Rigid and compact HS graphite body.
- New both sides handle made of injected aluminium with anti slippery knob.
- Smooth and progressive multi disc brake system 16kg drag power.
- Innovative system that pre-vents line from tangling on the rotor shaft.
- Stainless steel bail wire, main shaft and bearings


- Capacity (mm/M)Main spool: 0,35/400 CRBK
- Ratio: 4,6:1
- Bearings: 3+1 SS
- Drag power: 16 Kg
- Weight: 595 g
- R.P.T.: 1,02 M

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