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Cinnetic Crafty Great Coast 7000 HSG

Cinnetic Crafty Great Coast 7000 HSG

The solid EXPLORER gearing combined with a free runner brake system, make of it a great runner reel at an affordable price.


- Anodized aluminium spool for an optimal line laying.
- Stiff HSG alloy body with “Slim body” design.
- Modern left/right metal handle with an anti slippery knob.
- Over sized S.S bail wire with a TiN line roller.
- Stainless steel bail wire and main shaft.
- Special gears for increased durability and fatigue resistance.


- Modal: 7000
- Capacity (mm/M) Main spo:0,35/400 ALU
- Ratio:4,9:1
- Bearings:4+1SS
- Drag power:14 Kg
- Weight:ALU 625 g

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