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CINNETIC Raytech DS (Deep Spool) XP 7000

CINNETIC Raytech DS (Deep Spool) XP 7000

Precision, stiffness and an innovative and smooth oscillation system are the identity features of the RAYTECH series.


- Quick release exchange system spool
- Strong and rigid CRBK alloy body sealed by an O ring.
- Machined aluminium handle with an EVA HD knob.
- Titanium Nitride coated line roller for durability and smoothness.
- Smooth and progressive multi disc brake 16kg drag power.
- 6+1 sealed S.S. (4 sealed) bearings to prevent dust and salt from entering.


- Modal: 7000
- Capacity (mm/M): 0,35/400 ALU
- Weight: 605 g ALU
- Ratio :4,1:1
- Bearings: 6+1 SS 
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