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CO-DE P.V.A Bag & Stick Mix

CO-DE P.V.A Bag & Stick Mix

✅A bait that has proven to be an instant hit throughout our extensive fieldtesting on a wide variety of waters both in he UK and across Europe. 

✅New to the CO-DE range is the incredibly attractive bag mix that has been carefully designed by our experienced bait team headed up by Jason Callaghan to be the perfect product for using in both PVA bags and stick mixes, using as a ground bait or adding to spod mixes to give even further attraction.

✅ CO-DE Bag Mix properties:

·       Packed with attraction and ideal for year-round use.
·       Powerful Sweet / nutty taste and aroma.
·       Rich in amino acids.
·      Contains chopped and ground peanuts for even further attraction.
·      Rapid break down to create superb carpet of cloudy attraction.
·      Highly digestible.
·      When mixed with the matching Liquid Activator makes a perfect cloudy, exploding bag mix.
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