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Fish Zone Race BR50

Fish Zone Race BR50

  • FISHZONE High Quality RACE BR50 FREESPOOL 7 Ball Bearing Double Handle Reel for Carp Method Fishing on Commercials - Comes with a spare Spool
  • The bigger brother of the BR30 - The rear mounted Free Spool clutch allows the line to be taken freely until manually engaged as is popular in carp fishing today
  • Exceptional quality for the price, with 7 ball bearings and balanced aluminium daouble handle - packed with additional features (see below) - Supplied with a Spare graphite Spool and has a gear ratio of 5:1.1 - Ideal for fishing carp on commercials
  • Comes with semi-match aluminium spool with line clip, infinite anti reverse, heavy duty bail arm, anti twist line roller, also suitable for braid - roller bearing technology and level wind for easy even line lay
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