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Korda Dark Matter Braid

Korda Dark Matter Braid

- Fast-sinking hook link braid
- Banded camo pattern helps it blend in
- Perfect for use with solid PVA bags
- Available in 15lb, 20lb and 30lb versions

This is a super-supple, super-heavy braided hook link with a clever banded-camou finish that blends in well over most lake beds. The tough fibre filaments are tightly woven, making for a supple-yet-tough hook link braid. It's been designed to sink extremely well, hugging the contours of the lake bed that you're fishing over for maximum subtlety.

Dark Matter Braid lends itself to a host of rigs, including solid-bag presentations, the Slip-D rig, Darrell Peck's simple bottom bait rig and, of course, combi rigs.

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