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Nutrabaits Bait Soak Complex

Nutrabaits Bait Soak Complex

Our range of Bait Soak Complexes are designed to add attraction to any hookbait that are immersed in it for a period of time; the soak will act to preserve the baits, so leaving hookbaits soaking for a prolonged period of time is highly recommended. It may interest you to hear that many of our long term field testers have had spectacular results using baits that have been ‘soaking for a number of years.

The Bait Soak Complexes are thoroughly researched in-house blends of liquid foods, amino acids,  natural sweeteners, Cajousers and attractors and all can be used in conjunction with bottom baits, pop ups or wafters.

With the exception of the standard Bait Soak Complex - which has been specifically designed to be customised to suit your bait of choice simply by adding a flavour of your choice - all the products in this range complement our range of shelf-life and freezer bait boilies and all are proven to add to year round success.

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