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PENN 525 MAG 4

PENN 525 MAG 4

✅ The latest addition to the ever popular Penn Mag range, the 525 Mag 4, promises to tick even more boxes in 2020 and ensure that this is the easiest to use Penn Mag reel to date.

✅ The 525 is the perfect size for all round beach fishing situations, but that does not mean it is limited to clean ground by any means. The increased line capacity of the 525 means that heavier breaking strains of line can be used and this combined with improved gearing means it is the perfect reel for heavier ground work as well as uptide and light-medium down tide boat fishing applications.

✅ Improved features include an instant finger adjustable external extended magnetic braking system knob, extra strong CNC gear technology and live spindle with free floating spool, making the spool totally free from restriction and drag. 

✅ When in free spool mode, this ensures easy, trouble free, long distance casting. The attractive cool blue trim finish to this latest addition to the Penn Mag stable means that once you have landed your bait somewhere on the horizon, this reel is going to attract some enviable glances from your neighbouring angler.

Improved graphite cage 
Aluminium reinforced graphite side plates Adjustable magnetic brake system with extended adjustment knob 
Smooth and effortless casting
Upgraded Stainless steel main and pinion
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