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Pineapple & Banana Shelf-Life Boilies

Pineapple & Banana Shelf-Life Boilies

The finest attractor combinations do not always have to be complex affairs, as is proved by this stunning Nature Identical fruit flavour blend. Using our Nature Identical Pineapple and Banana flavours along with Betaine HCI and a generous dose of Amino acid rich Multimino in conjunction with a quality base mix which produces one of the most effective shelf-life boilies we have ever come across.

This is a terrific bait to use throughout the twelve months of the year and has proved to be remarkably instant, particularly when used together with the matching Rapid Breakdown Pellets, Liquid Booster or Bait Spray.

Although originally put together as a carp bait, the ever-reliable Pineapple and Banana combo has also proved to be a great choice for anglers who are targeting big tench and bream.

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