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Sensas Ready Carp Groundbait

Sensas Ready Carp Groundbait


We all know how difficult it is to wet a groundbait perfectly. The 3000 Ready Groundbaits are the new convenient answer to this problem! With 3000 Ready the sroundbait has already been perfectly wetted for you. All you have to do is open the bag, give it a quick riddle and get fishing! 

Ready Feeder 
Easy to use, a super mix that works well in the feeder, breaks down quickly for instant attraction. Simply open the bag and you 
e ready to go. 

Ready Carp 
Big fish groundbait are notoriously difficult to wet correctly because they are sticky and rich. With the 3000 Ready Carp you can say goodbye to groundbait mixes that end up a sticky mess. 

Ready Lake 
This light brown groundbait is, of course, based on Sensas Lake 3000. Ready wetted by Sensas experts. 
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