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Shakespeare 10ft Firebird Beachcaster Combo

Shakespeare 10ft Firebird Beachcaster Combo

✅ The Shakespeare Firebird Beachcaster Combo is the perfect beginner rod and reel for new anglers and is fantastic for the holiday season. Featuring a 10ft and a 12ft model, these rods are big and powerful and offer amazing value for money.

✅ The blank is incredibly strong and powerful and the 12ft beachcaster was field tested by Shakespeare and was able to cast 8oz leads plus bait. The rod is finished with quality components, including strong and durable Titanium Oxide insert double leg guides.

✅ The slim, modern EVA handle provides comfort when performing big casts and there is a quality, cushioned DPS reel seat. The rods include a reliable 60FD fixed spool reel that is pre-spooled with 20lb clear monofilament.
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