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Shakespeare Agility 2 Long Surf - 15ft

Shakespeare Agility 2 Long Surf - 15ft

✅ The Shakespeare Agility 2 Long Surf is the new and improved version of the original Agility Long Surf rod and has a powerful blank to deliver maximum casting range when using lighter 2-4oz weights, lighter braid and mono lines.

✅ With a carbon fibre blank material, this gives the rod a highly durable construction and offers outstanding bite detection so you will feel even the smallest of takes. 

✅ The mid section and butt section hold an incredible amount of power so the rod can easily handle larger fish and deliver maximum casting distance with the easier overhead and off-the-ground casts.

✅ This rod features a high quality reel seat and a split designed rod handle for comfort. 

✅ The tip section of the rod is white in colour to give improved bite indication and the rod is supplied in three equal sections for ease of carrying.
✅ The Agility 2 Long Surf is perfect for general beach fishing when fishing for species like flatfish, whiting, bass and sole. 

15ft length 3 piece design 
Fast ActionSplit rod handle
High quality reel seat
Carbon Fibre blank material
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