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Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter

Shakespeare Salt XT Beach Shelter

This sturdy, lightweight, waterproof, easy to assemble shelter offers the shore and beach angler the ultimate in base camp comfort and weather protection. The shelter is very spacious allowing the individual angler masses of room to store tackle, baits and other equipment and it is big enough to accomodate two anglers when required.

Designed with a wide access door for easy entry and exit, it also features a high angled top to the doorway allowing the angler to stay centrally seated in side yet still be able to see the rod tips for bite detection. 

Wide side and rear external flaps at ground level allow sang, single or rocks to be heaped on to secure the shelter to the ground. The flaps also feature strong tent peg eyelets, with ten pegs supplied, for additional security in strong winds. With practive the shelter takes little more than a minute to assemble and is compact and lightweightto carry.

Easy to assemble lightweight shelter.
Wide side and rear external flaps.
Strong tent peg eyelets.
Supplied with tent pegs.
Supplied with carry bag.
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