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Shakespeare Salt XT Long Surf  15ft

Shakespeare Salt XT Long Surf 15ft

The Shakespeare Salt XT Long Surf rod is designed to reach maximum casting distances and can be used with both monofilament and braided lines.

This rod is designed with high grade carbon blanks that are slim in diameter whilst offering plenty of power and backbone for propelling your rigs out to sea. The mid and butt section have a good amount of power for helping reach maximum casting distances with over-head or off the ground casts.

The tip section has a hi-vis white colour and is very sensitive to provide exceptional bite detection. The rod is fitted with special saltwater proof K type guides which helps reduce lines tangling, preventing knots and breakages.

The rod also has a high quality DPS reel seat and an X-shrink wrap casting grip. The rod also comes in 3 equal sections for easy carrying.

The Shakespeare Salt XT Long Surf is 15ft in length with a 4-8oz casting weight.

15ft length
4-8oz casting weight
3 piece sections

High grade slim carbon blank
Special SW proof K-type guides
Lightweight and responsive blank with sensitive tip
X-Shrink wrap casting grip
Tip highlight
High quality DPS reel seat
Supplied with cloth bag
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