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✅ Just a little update from the Nutrabaits HQ, insight into the Topper oil range. 

Obviously oil floats when mixed with water or any other liquid, so in any angling situation it has a short term effect before the oil disperses up to the surface and out of your swim. What we have created is three ranges, Salmon sludge, Hemp sludge and the Nut Sludge. All blended with a very dense liquid food and feeding triggers that are turned into a gel like property with our in-house blending process. These liquids sit on the lake bottom slowly releasing tiny droplets of oil up to the surface for a period of 4 hours in warm water and 6 hours + in cold water, creating a small flat spot above your baited area. The magic starts when carp feed on your baited area, the oils will be released giving a large flat spot and clear sign you have fish aggressively feeding on your baited area. The bigger the flat spot the more fish are feeding on your baited area. 

There’s plenty of other liquids on the market that disperse through the water column but this is the first oil based attractor of its type.

Can be added to Carpet feeds, bag mixes, pellets, solid bags, particles or simply coating your baits.

Thinking outside the box to give you a great edge in your angling.
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