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Trigga: Pineapple & N-Butyric Shelf-Life Boilies

Trigga: Pineapple & N-Butyric Shelf-Life Boilies

Based around the incomparable shelf-life Trigga, these ready-mades also include the optimum levels Pineapple Nature Identical Flavour, N-Butyric Acid and a generous dose our pure Green Lipped Mussel Extract, an attractor combination that ensures they are even more effective in the short term, with absolutely no detriment to their long term effectiveness.

If you need even more convincing as to just how effective these baits are, it may interest you to hear that many of the Nutrabaits Team who have been using this incredible base mix and attractor combination in its various guises for several years, rating it as the best they have ever used!

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